Planning for Cross Curricular Programmes


A cross curricular approach occurs when programmes or units of work are designed across multiple curriculum areas around a central idea. Organising student learning around a central, relevant theme provides an authentic context for linking fundamental learning areas. A wide range of learning areas, key competencies and values can be developed through learning experiences involving decision making, goal setting and planning for the future. A cross curricular programme particularly complements inquiry method and similar student-focused learning and teaching approaches.


Support Resources

Appendix 3a offers an ECOED framework to assist teachers in overview planning for cross curricular programmes. A blank template of this planning framework – Appendix 3b – is provided for teachers’ own use.

The related chart Appendix 3c, demonstrates how the ECOED framework 3b can be used to design a cross curricular learning unit for “A Sustainable School Camp”.

A sample unit plan, Appendix 3d, developed from the overview outlined in Appendix 3c details how “A Sustainable School Camp” links to the above principles and curriculum objectives and offers related ideas for classroom and EOTC use. The format of this sample unit enables learners to ask and find answers to their own questions, make links to contexts which are meaningful and relevant and recognise choices they can make, along with potential consequences for themselves, others and the environment.


In particular, Achievement Objectives from the English, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Social Sciences, Technology and Health and Physical Education curriculums can be developed through the “A Sustainable School Camp” focus. The context is an ideal vehicle for developing all Key Competencies. Strong links can be made to EfS and EOTC principles and there is an emphasis on developing and practising Action Competence.

For more information on Action Competence, please refer to the Ministry of Education’s Action Competence

For more information on cross curricular planning, please refer to the Ministry of Education’s Cross-Curricular Themes


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