Planning for Curriculum Areas


In addition to the identification of physical learning contexts and related links for the Wilderness Education Base and Pan Pac Kiwi Crèche, BackPack gives specific examples of how connections can be made between these learning contexts and aims and achievement objectives within the New Zealand Curriculum.


Support Resources

The chart and related material in Appendix 2 demonstrates how learning links identified around the physical context “Lake” can be readily associated with New Zealand Curriculum aims and objectives across the range of subject areas. While by no means an exhaustive display of what is possible, the chart gives examples to show the broad scope of subjects which could be taught within this learning link.

Appendix 2 also suggests connections between the identified learning links and principles contained within Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, Environmental Education, Education Outside the Classroom and Education for Sustainability. The intention of these examples is to encourage teachers to look beyond the most obvious curriculum connections and get creative when planning programmes with their learners.


For more information on curriculum areas and learning links, please refer to the Ministry of Education’s Environmental Education and the New Zealand Curriculum Statements

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